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"Ayrton Senna"

Pastel chalk on velor paper

46 x 38 cm



I was amazed when I opened an old folder these days and found this portrait of one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. I was no longer aware that I had made this portrait. It was created a few days after the tragic death of Senna and Ratzenberger and under the impression of the blackest weekend in Formula 1 history.

The year before, I met him personally in Hockenheim, as the following picture shows. When a lot of Portuguese-speaking reporters rushed at him, I just held out my voice recorder and received a nice audio document. I later gave this to the wife of a close business friend, a native of Brazil, who was very touched at the time in view of the terrible news.

1993: Ayrton Senna, the Formula 1 superstar, in front of my chest and my microphone ...



"Self portrait"

Acrylic on canvas

40 x 40 cm



Inspired by the painting by Stefan Nützel, I tried a self-portrait. It is always said that painting animals and humans is very, very difficult and that this is the absolute supreme discipline. With this knowledge, it is already brave to do it, and even more courageous to present the result to the public ... I still dare. Not because the content was completely successful, but because I think I understood what Stefan Nützel means by painting in tonal values. So I took great care to identify areas with the same brightness values and then paint them immediately. And I have - so my modest assessment - succeeded quite well.



"Adolescents II" (detail)

Pastel op papier

40 x 30 cm






Oil on canvas

60 x 40 cm


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